"The cleaning services that Coastal Property Maintenance provides for our Lab Corp. facility are excellent. We have 2000 sq. foot area that they clean and we are very happy with the results."

Greg R.
Patient Service Ctr Mgr
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Clean sinks
  • Clean counter tops 
  • Clean backsplashes
  • Clean appliances 
  • Clean coffeemaker
  • Clean fronts of cabinets
  • Clean any dirty dishes
  • Clean refrigerator tops and fronts
  • Clean inside of refrigerator
  • Refill paper towels if needed
  • Clean blender and inside container
  • Clean inside of oven as needed 
  • Clean toaster and bottom tray
  • Clean microwave inside & out
  • Clean stove tops, fronts and underneath hood 
  • Take out trash and put new bags in

Living Room
  • Dust picture frames

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Dust lamps

  • Dust furniture

  • Dust shelves and baseboards

  • Wash all electrical face plates

  • Dust entertainment center

  • Dust blinds and windows ledges

  • Vacuum sofa cushions

  • Vacuum & wash all tile and wood floors

  • Vacuum all carpet floors 

  • Clean and sanitize all sinks
  • Counter tops and backsplashes
  • Clean and sanitize toilet inside, base & fronts 
  • Clean and sanitize showers, bathtubs 
  • Clean cabinets inside and out 
  • Clean mirrors & polish chrome 
  • Replace linen & bar soap/refill tissues 
  • Wash floors and tile walls 
  • Take out trash and put new bags in 
  • Deodorize 

Dining Room 
  • Clean table, chairs and place mats 
  • Clean bar and bar stools 
  • Dust blinds and windows ledges 
  • Vacuum & wash all tile / wood floors 
  • Vacuum all carpet floors 

  • Check mattress pads & pillow protectors 
  • wash pillow cases & sheets 
  • Make beds with clean sheets & pillow cases 
  • Dust blinds and windows ledges 
  • Vacuum floors & under bed 
  • Wash tile/wood floors 
  • Dust headboard 
  • Clean & neatly fold blankets 
  • Clean dresser, night stands 
  • Front entry 
  • Clean floors & corners 
  • Shack out all throw rugs and mats 

Laundry Room 
  • Clean washer - leave lid up 
  • Clean dryer &lint filter 
  • Take out trash and put new bags in 
  • Vacuum and wash floor 

  • Check all light fixtures & bulbs 
  • Check all TVs and remotes 
  • Dust all doors 
  • Dust all ceiling fans 
  • Clean stairs (vacuum and wash steps) 
  • Check A/C on proper setting (77) 
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked 
  • Check garage/lock doors 
  • Check exterior trash cans 

  • Clean sliding glass door tracks 
  • Clean patio furniture 
  • Sweep floors

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